Teaching Young Learners Course

One of our most popular courses, the teaching YLs course gives you practical ideas for the young learner classroom and an opportunity to reflect on young learner teaching theory and practice. The seminars are highly practical, covering activities and techniques used in the young learner classroom, such as using songs, drama, stories, and videos; classroom management and planning; and approaches to teaching language and skills.


Course structure

The Teaching Young Learners Course meets, once a week (Fri, 14:00-17:00). The course is currently offered in a online format.


Day Session 1 Session 2
Day 1

Getting to know each other

Needs analysis

Adult vs. children learners

Course overview

Your favorite activities

Lesson shapes and forms

Task-based learning

Project Learning

Your projects for the week

Day 2

Controlled and freer practice

Life is more than just gap fills

Embracing creativity

A different mindset

Using songs

Sk8er Boi is Killing me Softly in 7 Years: different levels of songs

Working with lyrics
Day 3

The serious side of YLs

Safeguarding and well-being

Student mindset

The YL circuit and jobs

Games in the classroom

Playing or learning?

Varieties for stages
Day 4

Materials for YLs

Evaluating materials for use

Lifting materials off the page

Sequencing and chunking

Digital YL materials

Activities and games


Where to find them?
Day 5

Your session

What are YOU interested in?

What are YOU going to teach US?

Wrapping up

Project presentations

Any leftover work

What have we done this week?
What you get
The International House Budapest Teaching Young Learners Course Certificate is awarded to participants who complete course requirements satisfactorily; this includes 100% attendance and active participation in seminars.
What previous trainees loved:



"the presentation of different issues"


"engaging, interactive, People"

"fun songs"

"classmates and instructor"

"humor, light-hearted approach"



"funny and engaging activities and tasks"

"friendly atmosphere"


What previous trainees said:

"This course offers a lovely experience with plenty of useful tips. No questions were left unanswered and we had several chances to practice various useful technics we could utilize in our own classrooms, many of which I have already built into a couple of my future lesson plans."


"The Young Learners Course is engaging, instructional and fun. You will definitely come away with a lot of new tools to add to your teaching tool box. Recommend for those with or without young learners experience."


"I really enjoyed the course.  It gave me the chance to revise my knowledge and to learn new things connected to young learners that we haven't learned at the University."


Course fee: 52.000 HUF (the price includes taxes)


Upcoming courses:

  • 17 May - 14 June 2024. (Part-time, Online)
5 weeks course, meets once a week on Fridays, 14:00 - 17:00. (15 hours)




  • min. 18 years age
  • min. B2+ language level.