Preparing for the CELTA

In the process of researching CELTA courses, filling out an application and going through the interview, and (hopefully) getting accepted, you’re bound to discover areas that would benefit from a bit of work before starting on your CELTA course. Luckily there are a range of options for developing your language awareness as well as getting a better understanding of what a successful language classroom and lesson actually look like. Following are some courses that we recommend. Note that you can normally try out a sample to see if it suits you, and we strongly suggest doing so.
For improving your language awareness:

For improving your language awereness:

For improving your language awareness: Grammar Refresher and Language Awareness course

- An overview of grammar structures with an introduction to how to think about language. (5 + hours).
- 100% Online and self-paced, start whenever you want
- Tutor available online to answer your questions
- Quizzes and tasks to check your understanding
- Suitable for anyone considering taking the CELTA or preparing for the CELTA
Price: £35.00

To focus on language awareness AND methodology:

TTT’s Key Grammar for Teachers course

- An overview of key grammar structures you will need to know in order to feel more confident when teaching them
- Engaging materials which include videos, texts and games
- Regular fun and interactive quizzes and games to help you solidify your knowledge
- Introduction to useful teaching tools, websites and applications
- 100% online and self-paced, contact tutors in comments or by email
- 30-day money back guarantee
- Written by IH Budapest CELTA trainers
- Suitable for anyone considering taking the CELTA
- Special promotion for the summer (until 31st August 2020): use this coupon code: SUMMERISHERE to get 20% off
Price: 45 euros + VAT

To focus on methodology: Grammar for Language Teachers

- Developed by an experienced CELTA trainer and assessor
- Online, self-access, video based. Friendly tutor available for questions as you go along
- Part 1- takes you through parts of speech and verb tense nomenclature. A focus on what you really need to know
- Part 2- thorough explanations of the parts of grammar that learners (and teachers!) find difficult- present perfect, narrative tenses, the future etc.
- Free trial unit and 7-day quibble free money back guarantee
Price: £39.99

To explore teaching English course:’s CELTA preparation bundle

- Grammar Refresher and Language Awareness
- Language Analysis and Language Practice
- Introduction to Learner Centredness – how this shapes our teaching
- Classroom Management for Adult Classes
- Introduction to Language Skills- What they are and what we need to consider when we teach them
- Introduction to Lesson Planning for Adult Classes
- Bonus Resource Library
Price: £95.00

To focus on methodology: FREE CELTA Toolkit

- Developed by an experienced CELTA trainer and assessor
- Video based support covering classroom management, teaching skills and language, phonology etc.
- Assignment talk-throughs and helpful advice
- 100% online and self-access
- Use before, after or during CELTA
Price: FREE

To explore teaching English online:

Cambridge English/FutureLearn’s course in Teaching English Online

- The context of English Language Teaching online
- How to plan and deliver online skills lessons
- How to plan and deliver online language lessons
- How to continue your professional development as an online teacher
Price: FREE