DELTA Module 3 preparation course

On the DELTA Module 3, you choose a specialist area relevant to you, and undertake a process of research and exploration leading to the development of a course programme. On our Module 3 preparation course, an experienced DELTA tutor takes you through the stages step-by-step so that you develop an understanding of course development principles and your completed assignment reflects that understanding.
Our Module 3 prep course is 100% online, and consists of four 90-minute sessions, tutor support and feedback in the development of your draft assignment, and of course feedback on the completed assignment before it is submitted to Cambridge.
We provide you with the structure you need to complete a successful assignment, with opportunities to consult a tutor as well as interact with other candidates on the course.
While the DELTA follows a modular structure, we recommend that you complete or at least are in the process of completing Modules 1 and 2 before enrolling on our Module 3 course.
Next course: January 2023
Course fee: £325 (plus Cambridge entry fee of about 85 GBP)