Language assessment - test

One of our most recently developed and piloted courses, the language assessment course gives you practical ideas for what assessment options there are in the classroom, how you can plan, devise, develop and quality assure different forms of assessment and what pitfalls you can and should avoid.We discuss issues related to language assessment and testing: what makes tests valid, reliable, and feasible, what systems there are for measuring students’ language proficiency and what real-life implications there are for learning, teaching, and rating. We also look at statistical measures for improving items through classical test theory, and calculate facility values, discrimination index, and look at ways to improve items from a real-life case study.  The seminars are highly practical and hands-on and attendees are encouraged to bring their own questions, ideas, dilemmas and even their own data to discuss.


Course structure

The Language Assessment Course meets once a week (Fri, 14:00-17:00). The course is currently offered in online format.


Day Session 1 Session 2
Day 1

First steps into testing

What real-life tests do you know and what do they all have in common? Discussing sampling and populations.


Focusing on language assessment

What forms and types of language assessment are you aware of? How do they fit into a lifecycle of a course or even a larger school?

Day 2

The "golden" triangle of testing




And a few more theories

Test Standardisation

Test your testing skills with a former Senior IELTS Examiner and see how YOU can rate to standard

Day 3

Creating your own test

Item creation

Improving item stems and answers


Testing the test

Working with descriptive statistics

What can test results tell us and how can we interpret them?

Day 4

Improving larger scale tests

Descriptive analyses

Classical test theory

Understanding how items work

Does THIS test work?

Hands on session on practising the analyses

Answering questions: is the test valid? Reliable? Does it work?

The impacts of testing, washback

Day 5

Tutor's presentation

What can a teacher do?

What are the impacts and potential outcomes if we review our testing practices?

How does all the theory apply to real-life? What are the benefits of testing?

Participant presentations and questions

Tell us about YOUR work and expertise - participant presentations

How does testing apply to your own setting? How can you use what we learned together?


What you get
The International House Budapest Language Assessment Course Certificate is awarded to participants who complete course requirements satisfactorily; this includes 100% attendance and active participation in seminars.
What previous trainees loved:

"quite informative"


"the content was relevant to my teaching practice"

"positive environment"

"informative content"

"real-life examples and applications"



What previous trainees said:

"It was very helpful. The content was very informative and I enjoyed the style of the presentation. The trainer could grab the attention of trainees"


"Everything was perfectly and clearly answered. Massive thanks for such a great training =)"


"Test analysis was practical and it was impressive to see how different practices are used in a language school"


"It was super informative - something we needed to learn about. Everything was perfect!"


Course fee: 52.000 HUF (the price includes taxes)


Upcoming courses:

  • 22 March – 3 May 2024 (Part-time, Online)

5 weeks course, meets once a week on Fridays, 14:00 - 17:00. (15 hours)

(The sessions will be on the following days: 22 March, 12 April, 19 April, 26 April, 3 May.)




  • min. 18 years age
  • min. B2+ language level.