What former trainees say

Below you’ll find testimonials from former candidates on our face-to-face CELTA courses. If you’re interested in reading testimonials from candidates on our 100% online CELTA, go to our COVID-19 update page and scroll down to the last section.
Our trainees come from all over the world to do their Cambridge CELTA with us, and they choose Budapest and Hungary for a variety of reasons– because the city attracted them, because of the reputation of our teacher training programme, to find a distant (Hungarian) relative, for love, by chance, etc. What seems to be common among most of our CELTA “graduates” is their feeling about the course and about IH Budapest as a TEFL training centre.
We asked some former trainees what they thought about their CELTA experience; you can read their comments below.

Having had no experience of any kind of teaching, or any sort of focused study of the English language, I could perhaps be a case study for anyone unsure of whether they are right for the course or not. I approached my first day fully expecting to be torn apart by experienced teachers or to end up re-teaching the English language in a completely different format to the one currently in use (which I happened to save for Day 2…). Within a matter of minutes of meeting my fellow trainees and CELTA teachers I had forgotten all about these reservations and didn’t look back.

Choosing IH Budapest for the CELTA is a no-brainer and Budapest as a city to study and live in is fantastic. The four week TEFL course is hectic and intense but you’ll never experience anything as fulfilling as the CELTA at IH Budapest.


It is hard to write about my CELTA experience without being sentimental or being accused of exaggeration. I guess you need to see it for yourself. For me, it was a very important period both professionally and personally.

I was glad to meet such devoted and supportive tutors who guided me through this process of learning about teaching, learning itself, the language and myself. The set-up of the course was very professional, all little bits and pieces formed a whole picture at the end – even though I felt overwhelmed at some points, everything found its place in the jigsaw.

It is worth it. Money, energy, time. A great opportunity for development (just think about it: when was the last time 2-3-4 of your colleagues observed your lesson and gave you feedback to help you…) – I wish you strength to be able to benefit from every minute. I did.


As a Hungarian living in Budapest, I did not have to think too much which CELTA course I would like to join: the teacher training centre in my hometown has an excellent reputation.

Though it’s difficult to believe, during the four-week intensive course I think I learnt more than during my years of academic training! The CELTA course programme equipped me with teaching skills and knowledge that are immediately usable and practical in the TEFL industry. Thorough and objective feedback on my teaching techniques both by my professional and encouraging tutors and by the other trainees provided me with the confidence I need in the classroom.

My fellow course-mates were from all over the world, so it was a fun, multicultural group to spend twenty days with. Hard work was compensated for by hanging out together in the beautiful and multifaceted city of Budapest. By the end of the course we had formed quite a wonderful, little community.


I’m half English, half Scottish with a grammar problem. Rubbing shoulders with the skilled IH Budapest staff and fellow multinational trainees has gone someway to address my knowledge gap, but for me it was the invaluable and essential teaching practice that really sold it. I honestly have no idea how anyone could walk into a classroom without the skills you will learn on this course, imparted in an entertaining, humourous, and yet professional way. For anyone thinking about a job in TEFL this course will stand you in good stead.

Make no mistake; you’re in for a graft, but the rewards are palatable, the staff a riot, the city stunning, the beer cheap, the students encouraging, the friends you make lifelong, and the achievement significant in opening the doors to your chosen TEFL career. I can go anywhere I want! So could you! FREEEEDOM!! Do this course, and do it at IH Budapest. You’ll learn a lot; about yourself, about other cultures and about your potential. Just don’t steal other people’s white-board markers.


In my opinion, IH Budapest was the ideal place to do the CELTA. I had a fantastic month in the city and I learned so much on the course. The trainers were absolutely brilliant – they were really knowledgeable and supportive, plus their seminars were full of memorable moments! They helped me so much to develop my skills and awareness as a TEFL teacher – I feel far more confident than I ever expected, and I put that down to my CELTA tutors!It wasn’t just the course content and the staff that made this a great place to study. Although the CELTA was intense, I still found time to explore this great city, to learn a bit about the culture of Hungary (my students loved talking about their country!) and to experience a few Hungarian football matches!


I needed an internationally accepted certificate in TEFL as my plan was to continue teaching abroad. Although I went onto the course with many years of experience, I was surprised I learnt so much about communicative teaching techniques and classroom management. It was the toughest 4 weeks in my life but enjoyed every single minute of it. Our tutors were always very helpful and their useful comments made us better trainees, better teachers. Why do the CELTA in Budapest? Because Budapest has so much to offer: vibrant nightlife (that you won’t know as you are writing assessments and lesson plans), world famous spas, cheap restaurants and friendly people. I’ll never forget my fellow course-mates who are now teaching English all over the world from Japan and Korea to UK, Russia, Spain, Romania…and hopefully myself soon in Ireland.


I would wholeheartedly recommend doing your CELTA in Budapest. While I took my course in the summer straight after university with absolutely zero teaching experience, and several of my fellow students were seasoned teachers (one was even a professor!). Because the course is structured so that everyone gets such a huge amount of individual feedback on their teaching, everyone – regardless of the level at which they began – improved in leaps and bounds. I am currently studying to be a secondary school teacher of English, languages and ESL, and am so grateful to have done the CELTA, as the course left me with so many strategies and ideas for the classroom, and so much more confidence than I would otherwise have. In particular, lesson planning comes so much more naturally to me now because of the regularity with which you do it, and get feedback, during the CELTA. The course can be intense at times, but the tutors could not have been more dedicated and helpful, and they also have a great sense of humour. It’s really nice that the course attracts such a mix of nationalities and of native and non-native speakers of English; I left with friends from Hungary, Romania, the UK and the USA. It almost goes without saying that Hungary and in particular Budapest is a fantastic location: there are so many interesting things to see and do and explore and eat; living costs are generally much lower than in the UK; the transport’s reliable, cheap and pleasant (for example, I took an air-conditioned tram to IH every morning) and it’s reliably sunny in summer and reliably snowy in winter.


While considering what TEFL course would be the most useful I talked with many different professors who taught ESL and everyone recommended taking the Cambridge CELTA. Taking it in Budapest Hungary was a decision that I was more than glad I made. One of the biggest factors is the quality of the instructors at IH Budapest. My trainers were among the best teachers that I have ever had the pleasure of being taught by. I don’t say that lightly. Their enthusiasm and dedication to the subject of English was only surpassed by their commitment to us and our improvement as teachers. What impressed me the most is that they modeled the teaching methods which we were to implement in their own lessons, giving us hands-on examples of how to apply the given method in the classroom. I was so impressed with the detail and thought that was put into each of their sessions, and the sessions were so mesmerizing that it was difficult to record it all while taking notes. Every day was packed with helpful techniques that one could readily implement in the classroom. One of the best parts of the course was having the chance to demonstrate what I learned from the input sessions in front of a real class and then receiving constructive feedback. The CELTA is sure to stretch you, but it is a decision that you won’t regret and it will open a world of opportunities to you as you look for an English teaching job. Don’t be put off by the cheap price – I would definitely recommend taking the CELTA at IH Budapest to anyone who is considering a career in TEFL.