Online English practice groups

The best deal anywhere! We’re offering places to students on our practice groups organised by the Teacher Training Department to provide teaching practice for participants on our Cambridge CELTA and DELTA teacher training courses.

The teachers are both native and non-native speakers, some of whom are just starting their teaching careers, and some of whom have teaching experience. Students don’t need to buy a book or any other materials, as the teachers provide these in the lessons.

Lessons take place on the Zoom platform and are dynamic and interactive, with a great deal of emphasis put on practicing the language, along with developing your grammar, vocabulary, as well as reading and listening skills.

Enrolling students must be at least 16 years of age, and must level-test into one of the two levels we offer, pre-intermediate and upper intermediate. The course fee is 7000 Ft for pre-intermediate, 9000 Ft for upper intermediate.  Please note that refunds can not be made for lessons missed.

Dates: Courses start every two weeks, but you can join anytime!

2 weeks intensive courses, Monday to Friday, 9am-12pm:

2021.09.27.-2021.10.07. – Pre-intermediate level

2021.10.22.-2021.11.04. – Upper-intermediate level*

2021.11.08.-2021.11.18. – Pre-intermediate level

*This course starts on Friday and the first lesson is from 10am-12pm.


5 weeks semi-intensive courses, Tuesday/Thursday, 9am-11.45am

2021.10.05.-2021.11.04. – Pre-intermediate and Upper-intermediate levels.

2021.11.16.-2021.12.16. – Pre-intermediate and Upper-intermediate levels.


Course fee :

7000 Ft for pre-intermediate class

9000 Ft for upper intermediate class


Interested? Click HERE for the level test.  Or contact us at for more information.