Teacher Training


Pre-CELTA Language Awareness Course

Who is the course for?

This course is aimed at native English speakers who have been accepted onto an IH Budapest CELTA course. It is also suitable for non-native speakers who may not be entirely confident with much of the terminology used to describe English grammar.


Course Aims

The course aims to increase your confidence and knowledge of the ‘basics’ of English grammar in a lively, fun and very practical way. It will also provide you with an opportunity to get acquainted with some of your fellow CELTA course participants, course tutors, and the school building and surroundings, so that you’ll feel all the more ‘at home’ on the first day of the CELTA.


Course Structure

The course takes place over two afternoons (Thursday and Friday) in the week immediately prior to the start of the CELTA course. There are 6 seminars (each of 75 minutes in length) over the 2 days.


Course Content

Seminars can include (but are not limited to) the following areas:

      • Basic Terminology
      • An introduction to Meaning, Form and Pronunciation
      • Verbs and Tenses: Future Forms and Past Tenses
      • Conditionals
      • The Present Perfect / The Perfect Aspect
      • The Active and Passive Voice and related structures
      • The Noun Phrase and Quantifiers


Course Cost and Accommodation Options

The cost of the course is 80 GBP per participant or 27.000 HUF if paying in forints.  (The price includes taxes.) As your accommodation for the CELTA course will generally not be available until the Saturday (earliest) or Sunday before the CELTA starts, we can arrange accommodation for you at a local self-catering studio apartment at the reduced price of 35* euros (single occupancy) or 20* euros per person per night (5 euros more in summer months).



Our intention is that the Pre-CELTA Language Awareness Course will provide you with a relatively gentle yet confidence-boosting start to your studies with us. The majority of the work that the LA course entails is done during course hours and there are no written assignments and only a little homework. Of course, that’s not to say that any extra study you do won’t be of great benefit!

NB. Participants on this course should be aware that the course does not serve as a replacement for the CELTA Pre-course Task which you will have been sent along with your Acceptance Package and which must be completed whether you attend the LA course or not.


Acceptance and Payment

Anyone who has been accepted onto an IH Budapest CELTA course will automatically be accepted onto the Language Awareness course. The CELTA acceptance package includes a booking form for the Pre-CELTA course; all you have to do is complete it and send it to us, and payment can be made on the first day of the course.


What past participants have said:

“The topics covered (in the Pre-CELTA) are proving extremely handy so far” Kathryn, from England (a week into the CELTA proper).

“The course was challenging but manageable” Jasmin, from England.

“My attitude to Grammar is more positive now” - it was worth the money” Ági, from Hungary.

“The quality of the content covered was excellent” Aaron, from Canada

“Helped me feel better prepared to teach English- it was a nice preview to the course” Chris, from England