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steve Meet the trainers


Steve Oakes
Head of Teacher Training

In autumn 1988, after a number of years working in the film business in New York, I observed an ESL class near the UN, taught by volunteers. I immediately fell in love with teaching and made an instant career change,  scraping by as a volunteer/lowly paid (and untrained) teacher for awhile and then going to Japan in July 1989, where I worked as a highly paid (and still largely untrained) teacher for a few years. After completing the CTEFLA (now the CELTA), I moved to Hungary at the end of 1991 and have been here since, first working as a teacher, then teacher trainer, and finally as Head of Teacher Training. I co-tutor on DELTA courses and spent a few years recently co-writing a coursebook called Speakout. I’ve made Budapest my home, and I think that everyone who comes here gets a sense of why that might be.

Neil Anderson 710x980 Meet the trainers Neil Anderson
Senior Teacher Trainer

Trainer on DELTA, CELTA, 1-1, TEPC courses

I was born in Bangkok, and travelled around a lot as a kid, but nowhere has quite captured my imagination like Budapest – a truly beautiful and lively city. There are few aspects of life I don’t enjoy here, but above all for relaxation you can’t beat the two ‘b’s – the bars and the baths!

borka1 150 x 186 Meet the trainers Borbála Szőcs
Teacher Training Administrator

You might know me as Borka and I work on the administration side of the department. I’ve been working in the Teacher Training team for a couple of years now and still enjoy the relaxed and friendly yet highly professional environment here in the school. If you come to IH Budapest, be prepared to be tempted to stay in the city or even (who knows?) to join the teaching staff one day… There is a great social life in the school and a lot to discover in Budapest which attracts a lot of people: the beautiful architecture, pubs, great cultural events, festivals, concerts of every style and for me on top of all of it, it’s a fantastic place to do various outdoor activities in every season of the year!

eszter 2015sept Meet the trainers
Eszter Baumann
Teacher Trainer

Trainer on CELTA and YL courses

Hi, I’m Eszter and I am from Budapest. I am a teacher and teacher trainer on the CELTA and Young Learner Courses for IH Budapest. I find my job interesting and rewarding and meeting new people all the time gives it a little bit of extra quality. I am married and have two sons and we live in the Buda side of the city, which you will know is significant if you come to stay in Budapest: all the fun places are in Pest but Buda has the greenery!
vanja1 150 x 183 Meet the trainers Vanja Glavaski
Teacher Trainer

Trainer on CELTA and 1-1 courses

Hi, I am Vanja. I come from Serbia, but I’ve lived in a lot of different places: Belgrade, Reading, Pennsylvania, Louisville, Kentucky, Budapest and finally Szentendre. My family and I love it here!

csiky 710x868 Meet the trainers Anna Csíky
Teacher Trainer

Trainer on CELTA, 1-1, YL, TEPC and APPL courses

I’m from here and came across IH in the summer of 2007, and have never looked back.  They say time flies when you’re having fun – I’m a case in point, as I really don’t like doing the same thing for too long and I’m always on the lookout for new challenges, but for many years now, IH has been able to provide a sense of continuous progress, as well as entertainment icon smile Meet the trainers  You can learn so much from the people who work here, both the language school and the training department, and have a great time while doing so.  Eventually, I’m sure I’ll get itchy feet and move somewhere else but right now there’s just too much good stuff going on at IH Budapest.

amal v2 Meet the trainers

Amal Pecsi
Teacher Trainer

Trainer on CELTA courses

Hi everyone, my name is Amál and I’m from Budapest. Before moving into CELTA training, I taught English for over 15 years in different contexts and countries, to students of different levels and ages, and it’s all been a lot of fun. Most recently, I worked in Vietnam for over four years, and before that I taught in France. I love working in an international environment, which is why I really enjoy being at IH: you get to meet and work with so many interesting people from all over the world. After all these years, I’m happy to be home: Budapest is definitely one of the coolest places in Europe, particularly in the summer.

Antony11 710x941 Meet the trainers Antony Turner
Teacher Trainer

Trainer on CELTA courses

Hi, I’m Antony and before joining teacher training  I had been teaching English for many years. I started in Thailand but have also worked in the UK and in Hungary. Teaching has been a great way to meet lots of new people and see a bit of the world. I seem to have settled here in Budapest which is a really interesting and beautiful city.

image1 Meet the trainers Kieran Joyce
Teacher Trainer

Trainer on CELTA courses

Hi! I’m Kieran and I’m from Newcastle. I’ve been a teacher for about 18 years and have taught in South America, Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. I’ve been tutoring on CELTA courses in various countries since 2007 and I’m thrilled to be working with the IH Budapest Teacher Training Department. I arrived in Budapest in August 2016 and have already fallen in love with the city. I hope to be able to stay here for a while. In my free time I enjoy going to the gym, cooking and occasionally parachuting!

Anita Meet the trainers Anita Derecskei
Teacher Trainer
Trainer on CELTA and YL coursesHi, I’m Anita from Budapest. I am a teacher and teacher trainer on the CELTA and Young Learner Courses. I initially graduated as an economist but started teaching English about 6 years ago. I did my CELTA at IH Budapest, which was probably the best decision I have ever made because since then I’ve been lucky enough to have a job I’d be happy to do even if I didn’t get paid for it! icon smile Meet the trainers Before moving into CELTA training, I taught all kinds of courses: young learners, general English, business English, ESP, exam preparation (I’m a Cambridge examiner myself). I love travelling, coffee, wine, eating out, going to cinemas/theatres – and Budapest is the perfect spot for all of these! icon smile Meet the trainers


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