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What is the CELTA?

2013 Cambridge CELTA logo v1 710x114 What is the CELTA?

The Cambridge CELTA is the most widely recognised initial qualification in teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL), recognised by language schools in dozens of countries around the world. Over 10,000 candidates gain the qualification each year. Great importance is attached to quality control and this is assured in a number of ways,  including approval and moderation by Cambridge English Language Assessment, part of the world famous University of Cambridge. The CELTA is, in short, the qualification you want to have if you plan to seek employment as an English language teacher in a quality language school, and is the most widely recognised TEFL course. When your prospective employer sees that you have completed the CELTA– and at a reputable training centre– you are in a far better position than applicants who don’t have the Cambridge qualification.

The course will:

        • introduce you to the principles of effective teaching
        • help you understand more about the English language
        • provide you with a range of practical skills for teaching English to adult learners
        • give you hands-on teaching practice with real students
        • build your confidence in the classroom.

The CELTA course is as challenging as it is rewarding, and therefore it’s worth reading through the following ‘self-check’ to get an idea if it’s what you’re looking for.

  Self-check: Is the Cambridge CELTA the right course for you?

If you can answer YES or PROBABLY to every question, then the CELTA is right for you!

Are you 18 or older?

Do you want to teach English?

Are you a competent user of English? (You are the equivalent of C1 level or above.)

Do you have a reasonable understanding of the way that the English language works? (Or could you learn about this reasonably quickly?)

Do you want a practical teaching qualification, rather than an academic one?

Are you able to relate well to other people?

Are you capable of giving clear instructions, explaining effectively and helping people when they don’t understand?

Are you able to reflect on what you do, noticing strengths, weaknesses and possible strategies for improving work in the future?

Are you open to hearing supportive (but maybe critical) feedback on lessons you have taught?

Are you prepared to undertake a potentially stressful course, where you and your teaching will be in the spotlight for many hours?

Are you keen to try a  TEFL course that is hard work, but immensely challenging and rewarding?

  What is a typical day like on the full time Cambridge CELTA course?

  • 9:00-11:30: Teaching Practice. IMG 1790 800 x 390 710x346 What is the CELTA?Your group of 5 or 6 teacher trainees teach a class of students learning English, most of whom are from Hungary. Your tutor and other trainees watch the lesson.
  • 11:45-13:15: Feedback and ALP (Assisted Lesson Preparation). You have the chance to discuss your lesson with fellow trainees and the tutor and some good ideas for moving forward in your teaching. Then, in ALP, you discuss the lessons for the next day with your tutor and peers.
  • 14:15-17:00: Seminars and workshops. The trainers give practical input sessions to get you thinking and give you lots of practical teaching ideas in all the key areas. Interactive, challenging and really enjoyable.

On some days you also do observation of experienced teachers in their classes. You sit at the back and see a real class in operation. You’ll notice the skills and techniques used and spot what you can borrow for your own lessons.

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