Teacher Training



Application Requirements

You need to be at least 18 years old to take the course. The course is suitable for speakers of English even if English is not your first language. All applicants must have an awareness of language and a competence in English which enables them to prepare to teach a range of levels. If you’re wondering whether the course fits your needs and character, it’s worth taking a(nother) look through the ‘Self-check’ if you haven’t done so yet.

How to apply

The application procedure involves submitting a registration form and a written language awareness test, after which an oral interview is arranged (the interview can be done by telephone/skype).

There’s a different application form for native and non-native speakers. Pick the one that fits you, click to download, and get to work!  

jelentkezesilap angolnak en Applicationjelentkezesilap magyarnak en Application

A few tips

    • Give yourself enough time to complete the application form. Most people find that the application form is very challenging in places, and it should be; you wouldn’t want to be on a course that’s too easy to get accepted to!
    • Keep in mind that the language awareness tasks aren’t testing your knowledge of the rules of English grammar; you may be able to complete some of the tasks using what you know, but if you feel you need to, DO use one of the resources we mention to help.  Your ability to work things out, with the support of resources, is a skill you’ll need on the course and in a teaching job.
    • It’s not unusual that we review an application form and ask the applicant to redo one or two tasks. If this happens to you, please don’t be put off by it– We need to feel certain that everyone we accept has a very good chance of completing the course successfully, and we are therefore extra thorough in screening applicants.

Self-check: Is the CELTA the right course for you?

If you can answer YES or PROBABLY to every question, then the CELTA is right for you!

Are you 18 or older?

Do you want to teach English?

Are you a competent user of English? (You are the equivalent of C1 level or above.)

Do you have a reasonable understanding of the way that the English language works? (Or could you learn about this reasonably quickly?)

Do you want a practical teaching qualification, rather than an academic one?

Are you able to relate well to other people?

Are you capable of giving clear instructions, explaining effectively and helping people when they don’t understand?

Are you able to reflect on what you do, noticing strengths, weaknesses and possible strategies for improving work in the future?

Are you open to hearing supportive (but maybe critical) feedback on lessons you have taught?

Are you prepared to undertake a potentially stressful course, where you and your teaching will be in the spotlight for many hours?

Are you keen to try a TEFL course that is hard work, but immensely challenging and rewarding?

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