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On my mind: Stick with the plan or go with the flow?

Published by on 9 January, 2014 |

This month’s Teacher Training blog entry has been contributed by guest blogger Johanna Szőke.

Jo graphic 300x210 On my mind: Stick with the plan or go with the flow?Are you one of those teachers who feel the need to spend half their lives planning lessons and then feel compelled to follow them through to the last letter? Do you feel frustrated about letting go for a minute and then being unable to find your way back to the plan? Have you ever felt upset about leaving the classroom with tasks that you couldn’t cover?

I, quite frankly, have never been the meticulous planner type. Not now when I teach more than 25 hours a week and not back then when I was still new to the world of TEFL. And here’s why.

I remember having a conversation with a recent CELTA graduate this year, while I was doing my extensive DELTA course, about how they could build a better rapport with a group they were teaching. They had also fallen a little behind the course plan, so on one occasion they tried Read more